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Class Information

Year 5 have PE on a Wednesday with Stockport County coaches. They must have a t-shirt, shorts/leggings/joggers and a pair of sports shoes.

Learning Challenge

This term Year 5 will be completing a topic called ‘It came from ….’ 

In this topic, children will learn about different parts of the world and how they have helped to shape the world we live in today. We will look at natural resources, climates, what other civilisations invented and innovated and to finish the topic the children are going to think about the future and what they would like to leave behind for future generations. ‘It came from Reddish 2019.’

We completed our WOW starter to the topic, which was an artefacts investigation. The children loved it and we will use this to shape the rest of our creative curriculum lessons. Linked to this the children will be learning about Central America and the Mayans. There may even be some chocolate involved.


For a copy of the homework grid, follow the link- homework grid spring

Trips to Reddish Vale High School

Year 5 are very lucky, as we have been given the opportunity to got to Reddish Vale High School to take part in some lessons. The Hawks will be visiting RVHS on Tuesday 5th February for a science session, which links to our science topic- properties and changes of materials. After the success of the food technology session we are really looking forward to our next visit! Pictures to follow!

UPDATE- we have been to Reddish Vale High School this morning and been super scientists! We completed a session about reversible and irreversible changes and how to separate materials. It was great.



Class Dojo

At Abingdon Primary we use Class Dojos which is embedded within every year group. This provides the children with an opportunity to earn points based on skills and values created in school and also links in with the schools core values of resilience, respect and responsibility. We use Class Dojos to engage parents by sharing photos and videos of exciting moments in the classroom. It is also an effective way for teachers and parents to communicate.



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