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Year 6 have PE on Tuesday with Stockport County coaches and should bring a full PE kit consisting of: a white polo top, black shorts/ legging/ joggers and trainers/ pumps.

All children are expected to read for 10 minutes daily.


Year 6 SATS tests. 

All children in Year 6 have been working incredibly hard so far this year. Both Miss Clarke and myself, would like to say a huge well done and thank you for the determination shown by all. However, it is no secret that the Year 6 SATS tests are rapidly approaching. For parents who would like more information about the SATS test and what they consist of, please watch the video below. The video demonstrates a summary of the Key Stage 2 tests that Year 6 pupils will take in England in May 2019. Please note the video is purely for information purposes and the days specified for each paper may alter slightly.

Please click for video summary of KS2 SATS

After speaking with the children, a high number of them wanted additional resources to continue learning at home to aid their revision (especially over the Easter break).
The first resource provided to help revision is an interactive document. This document has links provided/embedded which redirects you to a Youtube tutorial video explaining methods used to complete a given question.
For maths revision there are a number of tutorial videos on youtube. Please search ghammond maths.

sats-videos-choose-your-topic-and-click-the-links.htm (1)

I have also attached a range of maths websites for you to look at:

What else ...

Practise your spellings at home using these great websites, which have games, quizzes, tips and tricks so that you can improve your spellings and test yourself!

For other SPaG resources please use the revision resources mentioned on the letter sent home to all Year 6 children.

For reading revision, please continue to read frequently with your child at home. Another great way to develop the skills for reading are to practise completing word searches and ‘Where’s Wally’ type activities. An app discussed and used in school is ‘Monkey Wrench’ which is a word search game. This encourages the children to think carefully about scanning across letters to locate words.

Good luck to all our Year 6 children!