Curriculum at Abingdon Primary School.

In September 2014, a new national curriculum was published which was very different in content and approach to the previous national curriculum. Greater freedom was given to schools to design their own curriculum, and in order to design a curriculum which was creative, exciting and which covered all the skills required and expected, we decided to use the Learning Challenge Curriculum (LCC) tool, published by Focus Education. This tool has helped us to design a curriculum which gives children a greater involvement in their work and provides them with a depth of understanding in all subjects. The LCC encourages learners to work using a question as the starting point.

How does it work?

At the beginning of each half term, each year group is posed a new question which will lead their learning over the following weeks. The questions are designed to lead learning with a focus on specific subjects, e.g. Science or History, so that at the end of the year children will have experienced a broad and balanced curriculum. The questions were created by our subject leaders and cover topics we know are interesting and fun for the children.

Please see the table ‘Long term plan Abingdon 2015-16’ to find the questions for each term in each year. Sometimes the questions may change for many reasons, but the skills will still be covered during the year.

Long term plan Y1-6