At Abingdon Primary, our pastoral team is made up of our pastoral Manager Mrs Bruce, and our Learning Mentor Mr Gaulton.

Our pastoral team works with children and families to support their emotional wellbeing, keeping them safe, and improving attendance.

Pastoral Manager : Mrs Bruce

As one of the Designated Leads for Safeguarding in school, I ensure that the Keeping Children Safe policy is delivered and the processes followed. I work with outside partners (parents, agencies etc.) when necessary and attend reviews and home visits where appropriate.

I monitor and support families to help them to improve attendance at school, and liaise closely with parents to encourage a partnership in the personal, educational, social and emotional development of their child.

As Forest School leader, I deliver the Forest Schools programme and other interventions to support children in their learning and emotional development.


Learning Mentor : Mr Gaulton

My role is to help support the school community and I work with children, family members and outside agencies to remove barriers to learning.

I work with children to build confidence; help them understand difficulties there may be at home; help to improve their friendship skills; help them to develop and improve social skills; support successful transitions to high school and to help children with anxieties.