End KS2 SATs  results and progress from KS1 to KS2

Up to and including 2015, children at the end of both key stages (in Year 2 and Year 6) have taken SATs (Standard attainment Tasks) at the end of the spring term. Up to 2015, SATs were marked and a level score was given. It was expected that at the end of KS1 most children would attain Level 2, and at the end of KS2 most children would attain Level 4 in maths, reading and writing. Children were expected to make at least 2 levels progress between the end of KS2 (Year 6).

KS1 SATs are different to KS2 in that the children are assessed on various tasks in the maths, reading and writing; in KS2, children sit formal test in exam conditions in maths, reading and writing.

In September 2014 a new national curriculum was introduced, and 2015 was the last time SATs would be marked in levels. This year when Year 2 and Year 6 take SATs, their scores will be scaled scores, the average of which will be calculated to achieve a progress score for each child and the school.

In 2015 our SATs results were as follows:

End of KS1

Maths        69% L2B+        7% L3 (3 Children)

Reading      61.9% L2B+       7% (1 Child)

Writing      47.6% L2B+      7% (3 Children)

End of KS2

2 Levels in progress in:

Maths 69%      Reading 96%    Writing 77%

L4+ M,R,W  77%

L5   Maths 36.4%     Reading 31.8%     Writing 4.5%

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