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We want to say a huge WELCOME to Reception / Year 1 Hedgehogs! As a split class, the school ensures that every child will recieve the intended learning and experiences that are suited to their age / year group, as well as being appropriately challenged and fully supported throughout their individual learning journeys. Both Reception and Year 1 are exciting and memorable years for the children for a variety of reasons: 

In Reception, the first year is extemely important as this is where we lay the foundations for your child's learning journey. During the first term, we will be ensuring that your child is...

Coming into school happy!!!

Becoming independent

Able to take their jumper off independently 

Learning how to sit and listen in a group

Making new friends 

Helping at tidy up time 

Taking turns 

Walking down the corridor sensibly

Puttung their hand up when on the carpet 


In Year 1, the children begin to make the transition from play-based learning, towards more structured learning with a new curriculum / subjects, such as English, Maths, Science and Art. As the children enhance their existing skill set, they will also aquire and develop a range of others skills through exciting learning opportunities and independent challenges. Whilst the children begin to take on more responsibility and ownership of their own learning, we still incorporate aspects of play and continuous provision within our lessons. This is because we recognise and appreciate that the children still require the freedom of child-led play for their personal development, cognition and understanding, as well as continuing to develop their social skills and important life skills. Seeing the children continue to grow individually and develop their own unique personality is a joy to experience and encourage. 


Meet the Team

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Hello, I'm Miss Cleary! I like reading, going on long walks, yoga, eating out and travelling to different countries. I have a cocker spaniel dog called Benny and my favourite foods are pasta and pizza. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series and I love to teach Maths and Science.  

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Miss Broxton is a 1:1 SEND teaching assistant, who has been at Abingdon for many years. She has two daughters and loves to spend time with them, watching movies and eating out. 

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We also have Miss Spinoza working with us this term, before she goes travelling around South America!


Creative Curriculum 

Autumn Term

Down in the Deep, Dark Woods

Pupils will look at the local ara of Reddish, making maps and plotting routes using keys and symbols. We will look at how the area has changed over time and identify significant individuals, places and historical events within the local area, including L.S Lowry. They will also study what life was like for their grandparents and look at toys from the past.

Spring Term

To Infinity and Beyond

In the Spring Term, the children will develop their awareness of the past through comparing significant individuals, such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. They will look at events beyond living memory, such as man landing on the moon and how aviation and space travel has developed over time. 

Summer Term 

A Taste of India 

In this term, the children will make comparisons between a non-European country (India) and the UK. Children will also have a focus on human and physical geography, locational knowledge of the country of India and it's history, landmarks and culture. Children will then compare India with their local area through it's physical and human features.

Important information for parents 

The children will have PE twice a week, once with the class teacher and once with the PE coaches. The children will have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The children should come to school already in their PE kits, which they will stay in all day. PE kits must be a white t-shirt, black shorts/joggers/leggings and trainers/pumps. 

Newsletter and Programme of Study 

Please click the link below to view the Autumn newsletter.

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Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser 

Please click the link below to view the Autumn Term knowledge organiser.

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Year 1 Statutory Spellings

Below is a list of spellings children in Year 1 should know how to read and write by the end of the year. Please practice these with your child where possible. They wil be sent out throughout the year as weekly spelling practice and repeated to help with memory retention. 

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Useful Websites 

BBC Bitesize:

Topmarks Maths Games:

Phonics Play:

Phonics Bloom:

Purple Mash:


In Year 1, we have a recognition board with all of the children's photos. Each child must work hard to achieve our weekly class target, in order to recieve a treat at the end of the week. We also have a whole class Gem target, where the children, as a class, must earn gems througout the week. If they reach the target number then we can have 10 minutes extra playtime on a Friday!

Contact / Class Dojo

At Abingdon, we use Class Dojo which is embedded within every year group. We use Class Dojo to engage parents by sharing photos and videos of exciting moments in the classroom and around school. It is also an effective way for parents and teachers to communicate, via the app.



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