Love Reading Challenge

As part of a new initiative to inspire our children to love reading, we have purchased lots of new and exciting books to help children read for pleasure, with their parents/carers at home.


As part of our continued commitment to instilling a love of reading within our children at Abingdon, we have developed our ‘Love Reading’ challenge.


We are thrilled that so many of our children have chosen to take part in the challenge through our Love Reading book club, where they can select a book from our varied list to read at home. We have invested a large sum of money in new books just waiting to be read!

We hope this will encourage children to continue to widen their home reading experiences and enjoy books they may not have considered before.

The books are listed in four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The texts become more challenging with each list.

Every child is given a book list. These lists incorporate a broad range of texts, including classics, new releases and books written by authors children might not yet have heard of. We have tried to include picture books, comic strips, historical novels, non-fiction and poetry. Some of the books will be purposefully challenging and children may need some support reading the text. Alternatively, some will be easier for them to read independently. However, they are all excellent books, which will encourage children to come out of their comfort zone and try something new!

Children are more motivated to read when they see people around them reading especially the people they look up to. We encourage all of our school community to enjoy reading books with our children and we run regular reading mornings where parents/carers are invited in to share a good book with their child.

The Love reading club runs each Wednesday; however, children may not be ready to change their book every week. If they need to change their book and select a new one, they will have an allocated time to do so with their class.

Each child is given a badge to show their membership in the challenge. As children progress through their reading lists, they are awarded prizes in assembly. Prizes will be achieved when children have read 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 books. To achieve prizes, children need to:

  1. Read one of the books from their book list
  2. Complete a short reading review on GoRead (our new reading record app)
  3. Highlight/tick the book off on their list
  4. Ask an adult in their class to sign their sheet to confirm the review has been received
  5. Choose another book and repeat

In school we record the books children are taking home and when they are returned. Due to the expense of purchasing the books for this challenge, we must make parents/carers aware that if books are not returned, or are lost or damaged, it will be necessary to ask them to replace the books or pay for school to replace it with a new purchase. We want the children to enjoy the new books, but also want to teach our children to have a sense of responsibility for looking after them. I thank parents/carers for their support with this.

Love Reading books will be sent home in addition to children's home reading book. Both of the books can be recorded in childrens GoRead record.

Children can join the Love Reading challenge at any time.

Happy reading!


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