Midday Assistants

In our Abingdon Family we have lots of other staff who come to help us at lunchtimes. Our dedicated Midday team provide supervision, support, fun and games during the lunch hour.

At Abingdon, we expect that our core values 'Respect, Resilience and Responsibilty' are shown at all times by our children. Our lunchtime team give out stickers and certificates to reward for children who are showing our 3 core values at lunchtime. At the end of the week, each Midday Assistant chooses someone in their class who has stood out to be part of the Golden Table on Friday. They also give out certificates on Friday in Celebration Time to reward good behaviour.  

'The Golden Table'

The Golden table is a special table in the hall on a Friday - It is decorated gold! The children who are chosen from each class are served their lunch by our Deputy Headteacher (Ms Flanders) and are given a prize and a certificate. 

Our Midday Supervisor is;
Mrs Hanif


Here is our MDA team


Mrs Brown                  Mrs McFaddon                  Mrs Nasreen               Mrs Darley

Jenny.jpg                                                  Zaheera.jpg Caroline.jpg



Mrs Reeves                 Mrs Bertrand          Miss McVean           Miss Watson            Mrs Relph

Jane.jpg   Claire(1).jpg  Emma.jpg Donna.jpg            


Miss Ambroci                  Miss Mathieson             Miss Cook                Miss Duffy              Mrs Preston

Natalia.jpgZoe.jpg Leanne.jpg Codie.jpg


Mrs Warwick                                 Mrs Bloomfield                                                         Miss Baguley

Gerry.jpg   Sue.jpg    Kirsty.jpg    Nicola.jpg


Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

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