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Welcome to Year 1 Squirrels!

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A warm welcome to squirrels! In Year 1 we are firm believers in nurturing the whole child.This means that we offer rich educational experiences through a creative curriculum. There will be times that your child is unaware that they are learning! This is because we provide fun, stimulating and real-life experiences. We use song, dance, crafts, practical resources and stories to embed key skills and knowledge. We believe that everyone is good at something. We cannot wait to discover the individual talents that the children in our class posess! 



A little bit about me 

Name:  Miss Taylor

Year group: 1

Favourite subjects: Guided reading

Favourite book: The Wizards of Once

Pets: Two dogs, Harlow who is a whippet and Athena who is westie.

Hobbies: I love cooking,dancing and Zumba

Favourite food: Chinese food and chocolate (not at the same time!)



Important Messages for Parents and Carers

The children will have PE twice a week, once with the class teacher and once with the coaches. The children will have PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The children should come to school wearing their PE kit and they will stay in their kit all day. PE kit must be a white t-shirt. black shorts and pumps/trainers. 

Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please remember to log any reading your child does on Go Read! and bring reading books in on these days.

Creative Curriculum

Autumn Term

Down in the Deep, Dark Woods

Pupils will look at the local area of Reddish, making maps and plotting route using keys and symbols.  They will look at how the area has changed over time and identify significant individuals, places and historical events within the local area including LS Lowry.  They will also study what life was like for their grandparents and look at toys from the past.

Spring Term

To Infinity and Beyond

This term, the children will develop their awareness of the past through comparing significant individuals such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.  They will look at events beyond living memory such as man landing on the moon and how aviation and space travel has developed. 

Summer Term

A taste of India

In this term, children will make comparisons between a non-European country (India) and the UK.  Children will also have a focus on human and physical geography, locational knowledge of the coutnry of India and its history, landmarks and culture.  Children will then compare India with their local area through its physical and human features.


Please see the newsletter in the attachments at the bottom of this page


/uploads/527/files/Newsletter - Autumn.pdf

Year 1 Statutory Spellings 

Below is a list of spellings children in Year 1 should be able to read and write by the end of Year 1. Please practise these where possible. 

Contact & Class Dojo

At Abingdon Primary School we use a commucation & rewards app called Class Dojo. This provides the children with an opportunity to earn points based on skills and values created in class and also links in with the schools core values of resilience, respect and responsibility. We use Class Dojos to engage parents by sharing photos and videos of exciting moments in the classroom. It is also an effective way for teachers and parents to communicate.

Useful Websites

Below is a list of websites you may find useful to assist with your child's learning at home. 

BBC Bitesize: 

Topmarks maths games:  

Scratch (coding): 

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