Headteacher : Mrs S Spendlow

Deputy Headteacher: Ms C Flanders


Reception Badgers: Miss C Hall (EYFS lead covering for Mrs L Purslow - Maternity leave)

Rec/Year 1 hedgehogs: Miss C Cleary 

Year 1 Squirrels: Miss D Taylor

Year 1/2 Foxes: Mr A Mail

Year 2 Rabbits: Miss V Gray (KS1 Lead)

Year 3 Falcons: Miss E Hammond

Year 4 Kites: Mr E Amesbury (LKS2 Lead)

Year 4 Owls: Mrs C Whitehead and Miss Chong

Year 5 Kestrels: Mr M Cleary

Year 5 Merlins: Miss Walton

Year 6 Hawks: Mr J Taylor

Year 6 Ospreys: Miss V Fallon (UKS2 Leader) - Covering for Miss A Riley - Maternity leave 

SENDCo: Mrs A Lamb

Pastoral Manager: Mr S Cumberbatch
Child Advocate Virtual Class teacher: Mrs A Lamb
Lead Teacher for Culture and Behaviours: Mr M Wilcock

Learning mentor : Mrs C Bertrand


Business Manager Mrs J Goodwin
Admin Assistant  Mrs J Murray

Teaching Assistants
Miss N Baguley
Mrs C Bertrand
Miss S Bourke
Miss T Broxton

Ms L Butler
Mrs S Caldwell
Mrs E Conroy
Mrs C Darley

Mrs S Hanif
Mrs J Hilditch
Mrs A Kerrigan
Mrs J McFadden
Miss S Murphy

Miss B Whitehead 

Mrs R Wood

Mid-day Supervisor Mrs S Hanif

Mid-day Assistants

Miss N Baguley
Mrs C Bertrand
Miss L Cook
Mrs C Darley
Mrs J McFadden
Ms J Reeves
Mrs S Relph
Mrs A Preston
Mrs C Bertrand
Miss E McVean
Mrs S Bloomfield
Mrs Z Raina

Mrs C Thompson

Miss R Travis


Site supervisor Mr N Bosson

Breakfast Club
Miss N Baguley
Miss L Cook

After school Club

Miss N Baguley
Miss L Cook
Mrs A Preston
Mrs R Wood


Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

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