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Subject Leader - Mrs Sarah Hunt


Abingdon Primary School Mathematics Intent


At Abingdon we believe that Mathematics is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment.  We want our children to have a positive attitude towards Mathematics and to recognise the subject both as a building block to success in life and as a source of fascination and enjoyment.  We value a maths curriculum that is creative and engaging and provides opportunities for our children to develop the factual knowledge and skills to support them to become ‘deep thinkers’.  We want our children to know the purpose behind their learning and to be able to apply their knowledge to their everyday lives. 


Teaching of Mathematics at Abingdon Primary school is underpinned by a belief in the importance of Mathematics and a belief that most children can succeed in Mathematics in line with national expectations for the end of each key stage.


At Abingdon we subscribe to the aims of the National Curriculum for Mathematics to ensure that all pupils:

Become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics

Are able to reason mathematically

Can solve problems


It is our aim to develop:

A growth mindset about ability to learn Mathematics

A positive attitude towards Mathematics and an awareness of how fascinating elements of Mathematics can be

Competence and confidence with numbers and the number system and other mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills

Problem solvers, who can reason, think logically, work systematically and apply their knowledge of Mathematics

An ability to communicate using mathematical language

An ability to work both independently and with others


Fluency with Number Facts:

To support our children to gain fluency with their number facts (ie number bonds and times tables) we subscribe to two online programmes - Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots.  Both programmes are available to play online or via an app tha can be downloaded for free from your favourite App store.

If you need support to access either of these programmes then please contact me via email.




We encourage and support our children to access these programmes at school, both in class and at optional drop-in lunchtime sessions.  We regularly hold tournaments in school between classes or year groups (and occasionally against the teachers), and we take part in some country wide competitions where we compete against other schools.

We celebrate the progress that our children make as they learn their number facts in class and in Celebration Assembly and our very top performers gain a place on the Rockstars Wall of Fame.


NSPCC Number Day

On the 3rd February we took part in the NSPCC Number Day, raising money for this important charity.

Number day.png

We came to school 'Dressed up for Digits' and spent the day enjoying maths games, activities and challenges.  We particularly enjoyed a noisy game of 'Bongo Bango Bingo' in the hall where we were able to demonstrate our dancing skills!

We took part in 'NSPCC ROCKS', with our classes competing against each other in a one day Times Tables Rockstars Tournament.  Once again, this was won by our very competitive Year 3/4 Falcons.  Well done Falcons!

Through donations and a very popular cake sale we raised a massive £440 for a very worthwhile cause; a remarkable achievement and one which we are very proud of.

Well done everyone involved!

Support for Home Learning:

In school, our children are supported to develop their mathematical understanding through the use of concrete and pictorial represenations.  The following websites have 'virtual' manipulatives that you may find useful to support home teaching (click on the pictures to open the link)

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