At Abingdon Primary School we aim for all children to be passionate about reading and writing. We want our children to have a positive attitude towards communication and to be able to independently express their emotions and ideas.

We believe all children should be provided with the foundations to become confident readers and writers. Our literacy curriculum helps to instil a lifelong love of reading, the ability to access the wider curriculum and give pupils the confidence to explore their imagination and creativity. 

We want our pupils to have an awareness of the world, widen their horizons and develop their cultural capital through immersion into a world of high quality texts. By providing a school rich in vocabulary, with classrooms being language rich environments this will support our pupil’s language knowledge, enrich their lives and prepare them for the next stage in their education.

We want every child to leave Abingdon with the skills of an excellent writer who:

  • can write for a range of purposes;
  • has the ability to write with fluency and has an author’s voice; 
  • can think about the impact they want their writing to have on the reader and knows how they will achieve this; 
  • can structure and organise their writing to suit the genre they are writing and include a variety of sentence structures; 
  • ensures their writing is well presented, punctuated, spelt correctly and neat; 
  • re-reads, edits and improves their writing so every piece of writing they produce is to the best of their ability and better than the last.


At Abingdon we teach English through a number of different schemes:

Phonics - Read, Write, Inc

Reading Y2 onwards - Reading Gems

Handwriting - Martin Harvey


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