EYFS Curriculum

In The Moment Planning in the Early Years.



Early Years Intent


How does it work at Abingdon Primary?

All the children throughout the week are included in busy play based learning with a balance of child initiated learning and adult led activities.  A variety of learning opportunities are provided throughout the day and our observations of children’s learning are recorded in their individual memory books & folders.

Throughout the year we ensure we plan purposeful learning opportunities around various celebrations and things that are happening in the world e.g. Autumn Changes, Christmas, Diwali.

We try and create real life experiences and ensure this is embedded in our learning environment.



Early Years Implementation


Focus Children

In addition, 2/3 children from each class are chosen to be focus children for the week. This is so that we can examine where they are at developmentally, look at any gaps and then see how we can extend their learning. Remembering that each child is different therefore their development may alter from their peers.

We also spend quality time getting to know each and everyone one of our children and finding out each child’s interests. This allows us to personalise their learning experience by creating opportunities for high engagement. The focus cycle happens 3 times a year therefore parents are invited into school during each term to find out about their child’s progress.



What happens when my child is chosen?

When a child is chosen they will take home a red focus folder with a planning form.

The parents and carers are asked to send in photographs of recent events, activities and celebrations into school through class dojo. We then use these photos as a speech and language opportunity in the autumn term, where each child can sit and share their experiences with their teacher. It also provides the teachers with an opportunity to learn more about the child’s life at home and therefore links can be made to other areas of the EYFS curriculum e.g. a child might attend dancing or spend weekends with Daddy. In the spring term we would expect the children to be beginning to label their pictures and then in the summer term we would be aiming for the children to be writing simples sentences around each photograph.

Parents and carers will also be asked to give a brief overview of their child’s learning as well as being able to ask any questions on how their child is settling in/doing in school. These questions will then be answered at the end of the week when parents/carers are invited into school for their child’s focus meeting.

However due to the current situation (Covid 19) we will be arranging telephone appointments to ensure we are following the government guidelines.


Early Years Impact


How is their progress recorded?

In the classroom each child has a pocket on the wall to organise their observations and samples of work every half term. Focus children for that week have a separate pocket where evidence is collected and logged ensuring all areas of the curriculum are covered. At the beginning of the week these pockets are empty and are gradually filled with observations. These can be independent learning observations or learning moments where adults have questioned, challenged or even demonstrated new skills to develop the child’s learning and understanding.

Teachers & Teaching Assistants record these inputs by high-lighting:-


(T) suggests… (T) encourages

(T) models… (T) asks… (T) demonstrates etc.” 


Photographs and samples of work are also included when possible. Throughout the week, the adults within the class focus on what the children are engaged in and facilitate learning opportunities around their interests. The adults also ensure the children are taking part in the planned adult led activities every week.


Alongside this we take the opportunity to assess their current Phonics levels. We also look to see if they are in an intervention group and if this is having an impact on their learning.

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

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