At Abingdon, we understand the importance of learning from the past. History is all around us. We know that it enables children to develop a context for their growing sense of identity and a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people.

We believe that studying history allows our children to see how and why our community, our country and the world have changed over time. We believe that what children learn through history can influence their values and attitudes.

When teaching our history curriculum, we follow the National Curriculum and we aim to allow our children to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills while stimulating their curiosity of the wider world. 

We aim to teach chronolgically, however we do follow a 2 year rolling cycle due to the makeup of our year groups, therefore some years it is not fully chronological. We ensure however, that the children know where their learning fits. 


EYFS: Through Understanding of the World continous provision/learning 

KS1: The Great Fire of London, Local Area History (Mill life), LS Lowry, famous people (such as Amelia Earhart) and Queen Victoria..

LKS2: The Stone Age, Ancient Greeks, The Egyptians, Local area history ( industrialisation - hat works) 

UKS2: The Vikings, The Mayans, The Romans and World War 2. 


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