Restorative Approaches

Abingdon Primary is a Restorative Primary School!


We are continually working together to build on our positive relationships and also learn how to repair relationships when there has been conflict. We also work together to ensure we promote positive and supportive teacher-student relationships and peer-peer relationships.

Throughout school we weave our core values: resilience, respect and responsibility into everything we do.

What does Restorative Approaches look like in the classroom...?
  • Daily check-ins with the children to see how they're feeling at various points during the day - this looks different throughout the school depending on age.
  • Circle times are planned throughout the week to discuss and share ideas based on themes from the PSHE curriculum or in the moment topics which occur and need addressing.
  • Teachers ensure that the circle time rules are followed to provide the children with a safe space to participate and share. Everyone, including the adults, sit in a circle and everyone is encouraged to participate.
  • Within the sessions the children will develop skills such as empathy, mutual respect, active listening, patience, tolerance, being open minded, non-judgemental and begin to see others points of view.
Repairing Relationships When Conflict Occurs

When damage has been caused in a relationship, we support the children by ensuring they have the skills in order to put things right. Staff facilitate restorative conversations using a script which allows both parties to have the opportunity to talk about what has happened and discuss how this has made each other feel.

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