Abingdon Primary School is working to adopt the principles set out in Stockport’s Strategy for Improving Wellbeing in Education Settings. We recognise that the relationships based philosophy of Restorative Approaches within our setting will support and complement the following vision.

The vision for Abingdon Primary School is that:

  • Our children / young people will be emotionally intelligent and emotionally resilient, equipped with the skills they need to grow and thrive.
  • Our children / young people will know when and where to go for support when faced with challenges and will be able to access that support when it is needed.
  • Our children will be supported to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Our parents and carers will be given the skills and knowledge to understand and respond to the difficulties children / young people face and we will ensure that information, advice and support is readily available to them.
  • Our staff team will be supported to protect and improve their own emotional wellbeing and will be equipped to identify and respond to low levels of emotional wellbeing in young people, parents and carers and fellow staff members.


Definition of Wellbeing:

Emotional wellbeing is not simply the absence of mental illness but is a broader indicator of social, emotional and physical wellness. It reflects the interconnection of mind and body -physical health and mental health - and is concerned with the functioning of the whole person and the extent to which basic fundamental needs are met. It is influenced by the wider contexts within which a child or adult lives and the interaction between the individual, family, school / work and community.

NICE sets out the following definition in its guidance on Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Children and Young People:

Wellbeing means:

  • Being happy and confident and not anxious or depressed
  • Having the ability to problem-solve, manage emotions, experience empathy, being resilient and attentive
  • Having good relationships with others and not having behavioural problems – that is, not being disruptive, violent or a bully.



Wellbeing also includes:

  • Having a sense of meaning or purpose
  • Being successful / having a sense of achievement
  • Having a sense of control
  • Giving and receiving attention and being validated

Abingdon Primary School promotes the principles of wellbeing across our school community. Please click on the files below to access further information.

If you require any support or further information, please contact the school office on 0161 480 4531. For specific issues, see the contacts in the image below to access support.

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Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

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